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NBA2K17 Tutorial: Basic Dribbling

In: TUTORIALS  Today we are going over the basics of dribbling in NBA 2k17, so let us get right to it. So let us say I have the ball in my right hand and I want to borrow my left hand. All you have to do is flip the right stick to the left. If you want to change a ball hands, just flick the right stick to the side; with your open hand – the off ball. It is just that simple flick that right thing to the other side and you will switch bottle hanging. Now if you flip the right stick down your person is going to take the ball behind their back. Ever look different depending on what character that you’re using but it is just that easy. If you flick the right stick up, it will do the rhythm dribbling. Now it’s basically just a long size of the person into rhythm. I think you’re just looking to update the personnel amusing right now. You just flick the right stick up and it does this lawn mover. Now if you want think about between your legs what you would do is you would flick the right stick diagonally, just like toward the ball hand. Additionally, if I’m holding turbo and I switched and put cross over to my other hand and I want to switch the ball to my other hand while I’m holding turbo. Now if I got the ball in my right hand and I flick it, you’re stick to the same side just like that. Any person can do this quick. So let’s go back to the turbo. If I’m holding turbo and I do the same thing, if I flick your right stick up. If I flick your right into my own ball hanger depending on what character you’re using is going to look a little bit different. It’s the same thing without holding turbo but it’s a little bit enhanced. I really call it dribbling enhancer because if it does it just enhances your movement. I’m holding turbo and I do this little quick crossover, it just enhances the move. Holding turbo is going to just enhance, you don’t want to run out of bounds now. Once again depending on what character you have is going to look a little bit different out of these moves. You win the whole turbo thing and you will pick the right picked up and they will do the quick in and out. Quick step back if you guys need some room. When a player is guarding you tough, you just want to get away from, just flick that right thing backwards while holding turbo and your person is going to do a step back. But remember if you’re not holding turbo, your person is going to do a quick behind which is the back move. Basically all you do is rotate counterclockwise or clockwise because both are going to give you spin. Now you know the basics of dribbling in NBA 2k 17. While if I had the ball in my left hand and I go clockwise, he’s gonna do a quick crossover. So if you want to spin across your opponent’s face. Because that’s what it will do when you do a spinning like that. What you wanna do is if it’s your left hand you want to take the right stick and go to the left first.


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