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What's The Deal With Sugar Daddy Websites?

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What’s The Deal With Sugar Daddy Dating Dating?

Leave a reply Online dating comes in many flavors these days, with sites catering to hundreds of different niches covering diverse sexualities, religious dating and even fetishes. Sugar daddy dating sites, such as Millionaire-Match where younger women can meet older, wealthy men are gaining popularity. These sites function on the premise that this style of dating is an “arrangement”, where an exchange is involved, typically money and expensive gifts, in return for sexual favors and youthful, attractive companionship. Many young women are genuinely attracted to older men, as they offer a maturity that college guys lack, and the financial security that comes with this is a bonus.
Speaking from experience, I have used Millionaire-Match for several years now and I have dated some truly amazing men, who make me question what I ever saw in guys my age. (I’m 23). I tried other sugar daddy sites but thats my go-to site for meeting men, because it is safe and secure and while it isn’t sordid, it does make it easy to meet guys who will take care of me financially. My current boyfriend is 27 years older than me. He pays for my apartment and gives me a monthly allowance, which allows me to pursue my dreams of becoming a veterinarian without struggling with student debt. I make damn sure I work to reduce his stress levels, by giving him great company, relaxation and of course, sexy fun. He’s a respected surgeon and sometimes his job causes him a lot of tension, especially when a patient’s life is in his hands. I find older men to be skilled lovers, and my time using sugar daddy sites has taught me a lot about my own sexuality as a result. I feel that by dating older men I have grown and matured as a woman and become a better person, and of course I have successfully avoided stress and drama in my own life by not having to worry about money.
I work hard on myself, mentally and physically, to be the sort of girl that will appeal to an older man. It is a more fulfilling set-up than anyone can imagine until they try it, and provides security, as well as enhancing your own self-esteem. Anyone putting around the old gold-digger stereotype is jealous, and jealous is far more ugly that honesty. I am honest in what I want from a man, and on sugar daddy dating websites, mean are honest right back. Now isn’t that a sweet deal when you compare it to the usual dating game? Advertisements This entry was posted in Uncategorized on June 9, 2014 by owenisaiah11. Search for:

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  • What’s The Deal With Sugar Daddy Dating Dating?

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